Pavement Restoration

PaveRestore5Nelson and Streeter (Airport Striping) is the largest pavement and parking area maintenance and marking contractor in New York's Southern Tier.  We offer a complete line of pavement management services to help maintain a safe, attractive and long lasting facility.

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A cost effective practice

Traditionally, pavement preservation consists of Patching, Crackfilling, and Sealcoating.  Other new methods of pavement preservation are Infrared Asphalt Repair and Asphalt Rejuvenation.

In the last twenty years, the price of asphalt has risen substantially while the quality of the material has been reduced.  Preserving existing pavement versus allowing a natural deterioration and subsequent asphalt overlay or replacement is extremely cost-effective.  The Michigan Department of Transportation says the State saves $10 for every dollar spent on pavement preservation.  Most studies claim savings of at least $3 per dollar spent on preservation.

Is it necessary to crackfill?

Crackfill-1Eventually, all asphalt pavements will crack.  If these cracks are left unfilled, rainwater will find its way through these cracks and into the ground below.  In the climate of the Northeast, this causes pavement failure due to the many freeze-thaw cycles and corresponding expansion and contraction of the ground below.  Moisture in the ground causes a soft spot under the pavement.  This soft spot allows the asphalt to flex under traffic and the cracking grows (alligator cracking).


Sealcoating prevents oxidation of asphalt, reduces the loss rate of asphalt "fines", reduces water penetration, facilitates snow removal, expedites cleaning, and beautifies.


Rejuvenator is a spray applied liquid asphalt restoration product that actually penetrates the asphalt with a combination of tars and solvents and restores the flexibility and appearance to new condition. Rejuvenator is recommended for asphalt that has not been sealed previously, and area of moderate to heavy traffic.

Both sealcoating and rejuvenator have pavement preservation benefits, call us, or submit an online Quote Request, to find out which one is right for you.


striping1Add beauty, safety and efficiency to your pavement.  A freshly painted parking lot creates an attractive impression to the overall image of your property.  It is the first thing everyone sees when driving to your site.  Your clients and visitors will certainly appreciate a well designed and well marked parking system

Well planned and professionally installed striping adds safety to your property by clearly defining driving patterns, areas for parking, loading zones, crosswalks, entrances and exits to help prevent pedestrian and vehicular accidents.  Properly designed parking spaces can be more efficient by maximizing the number of cars you can safely accommodate.

Nelson and Streeter can complete any size asphalt paint striping or pavement marking project with quality and efficiency. 

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New York, PA, Finger Lakes, Ashpalt, Blacktop, Repair, Restoration, Seal


New York, PA, Finger Lakes, Ashpalt, Blacktop, Repair, Restoration

New York, PA, Finger Lakes, Ashpalt, Blacktop, Repair, Restoration