Streetprint™ (Decorative Asphalt)

Streetprint™ is the process of imprinting and coating of asphalt with a colored, durable polymer cement to resemble brick, slate, or cobblestone.

A growing number of design professionals are choosing decorative surfacing as an integral component of design and Streetprint™ leads the way. Not only is Streetprint™ less costly than any other decorative surface, it can be installed on existing asphalt.

Streetprint-3 Streetprint-4 Streetprint-2


Other advantages include:

  • It's seamless, so there is no vegetative growth, water penetration or shifting of individual brick.
  • Polymer cement coating protects asphalt and provides a skid-resistant surface.
  • It can be recoated for a fresh look.
  • Installation can be performed quickly, which reduces downtime and traffic control issues.
  • A wide range of colors and patterns are available, along with custom design logos.
  • Highlighting existing asphalt for crosswalks, traffic channeling, and traffic calming.
  • Accenting existing asphalt for aesthetic purposes at entrances to clubs, restaurants, office buildings, retail centers etc.


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